Just think for a moment, you spend hundreds maybe thousands of pounds on your wedding photography, then what happens, excitedly you browse through your 800-1500 photos and soon pick out your No1 photo, the one you love more than all the others. 

Chances are, your favourite photograph will be one of the romantic photographs that your photographer has taken, that's great, but what about all the other photographs you have, well after a couple of months, they rarely will ever get seen again, tucked away in a drawer somewhere.

We are the 21st Century now, EVERYONE and their Aunty have good quality phones these days that can take great photos, and guests ALWAYS take hundreds of photos even if you have a professional photographer for the day.

Popeye photography's idea is to SAVE you a lot of your wedding budget, put it towards your honeymoon for instance, and capitalise on all your guest's photographs that you will be sent and tagged into that remain a lovely reminder of your day.

Here's the money saver, hire Popeye Photography and lets 'Romance the Hour', purely to take THE romantic photographs, the ones everyone loves, and the ones that you will love more than any other of your wedding photographs.

Each hour will be bespoke and tailored purely to your requirements to get the shots that suit you and the ones you will want and love.

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