Bumps, New Borns and Babies - Carlos @ Popeye Photography

The 'Full Pregnancy Progression' shoot

Louis Bump to Baby boarder
Babies 16-9 bw op
Vic Progression 32x18
32x18 Progression


'Full Pregnancy Progression' shoots, Are you after something that will make all your friends go WOW!

What a perfect photo for any nursery, or any room for that matter,.This shoot includes up to seven separate shoots for each stage of your pregnancy, fully edited to the highest standard. What a loving and unique memory of your whole pregnancy, from the beginning, to you holding your special bundle of joy

Special Offer price £84.99 inc 30"x10" print

or £94.99 inc 32"x18" print


Bumps, New Borns & Babies

2015 06 01 Louis 14 Days Old 033