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The 'Full Pregnancy Progression' shoot

Louis Bump to Baby boarder
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32x18 Progression

Here at Popeye Photography, we can offer everything for you and your baby, from 'Bump to Baby' shoots.


'Full Pregnancy Progression' shoots, Are you after something that will make all your friends go WOW!

What a perfect photo for any nursery, or any room for that matter,.This shoot includes up to seven separate shoots for each stage of your pregnancy, fully edited to the highest standard. What a loving and unique memory of your whole pregnancy, from the beginning, to you holding your special bundle of joy

Special Offer price £84.99 inc 30"x10" print

or £94.99 inc 32"x18" print


'New-born Babies, Posed' shoots.

This session will last up to 2 1/2 hours and will be dictated completely by the baby, you will also be involved as much as possible within the shoot by watching and helping where needed, this involvement will also help relax you and of course baby.

I choose to shoot new-borns in more natural poses rather than awkward and sometimes unnatural, poses that not only look unnatural or odd, but also are not always pleasant for the baby either.

This shoot ideally needs to be booked before baby is born, for the best results, ideally the shoot is best taken before the baby is 15 days old, while they are still in the sleepy stage, I have a range of props available to use, plus you are welcome to bring anything you would like included.

We will try to get at least four different posed shots during the shoot, and I will take many photos during each pose. I will as always edit all the shots taken to the highest standard, also upload them to your own gallery, where you and your family and friends can view and purchase any of the photos or other products in any size you  choose. 

This shoot also includes a complimentary 12"X 18” photo

The price for these special photos of your New-born Baby is just £79.99


'Natural' shoots with Baby and Parents. These are the more natural shots taken with one or both parents and siblings, in a nice and relaxed way with their baby. All the photos taken will be edited to the highest standard and placed in your own gallery, where you, your friends and family have the option to purchase photos and other products in many sizes and formats.

This shoot includes a complimentary a 12"x8" photo for the 45 minute shoot, or a 18"x12" for the 90 minute shoot

The price for these timeless and priceless photos is just £69.99 for 45 minutes or £89.99 for 90 minutes, giving you many more photos to choose from.

Bumps, New Borns & Babies

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